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11:11 Star Knowledge Conference

November 8-9-10-11, 2019

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MARCH 22-24, 2019

Soaring Eagle Retreat Horner Chappell Road Peebles Ohio 45660
Sponsored by Friends of Serpent Mound (non profit)

Serpent Mound Water Blessing.jpg

Soaring Eagle retreat is a Primitive, Private Property Connected to the Serpent Mound.
It was part of the Old Serpent Mound Farm.
There is a spring on the land with a over 400 year old Ash Tree.
We ask for peace and reverence a place to walk in a beauty way.
This is a family friendly event.
No Drinking, Drugs or Nudity.
This year Will Include Chief Golden Light, Azteca Dancers, Drumming, Story telling, Seed Blessing and Water Ceremonies,

Many Musicians, Sound Healers, Workshops,Speakers, Vendors and a Celebration of Life for Grandfather Lou WhiteEagle.


Eagle at Serpent Mound.jpeg

Chief Golden Light Eagle

Teacher of The Star Ways, Chief Golden Light Eagle is one of the “original code carriers” of Turtle Island (North America). Nakota Sundance Chief Golden Light Eagle, is a member of the Nakota Ihunktowan Band of South Dakota, a spiritual advisor, and He is one of seven Sundance Chiefs for the Yankton Sioux Sungdeska Sapa Tiospaye. Through years of prayer and ceremony, with a group of spiritual teachers, he has brought forth interpretations of the Star Laws.

He co-authored four books titled, “MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN”, “ANPAO WICAHPI WICOHAN”, IKTOMI WICAHPI WICOHAN”, and “CAN WAKAN WICOHAN”. The MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN manual was inducted into the Smithsonian Institution during a formal ceremony on September 26, 1999 and the manual was also donated to the A.R.E. Library on September 22, 2002.

My most precious Mother Beautiful Sundance Woman named me Loren Zephier
My most precious Father Chief Black Spotted Horse named me Azuya Mani (Scout)
The Elk Nations named me Hehaka Nazin (Standing Elk)
The Heyoka Nation call me Hehaka Oyate Oyasin (All Elk Nation)
Tunkasila Hehaka Sapa (Black Elk) named me Mani Ota (Walks With many)
The Eagle Nations said that I would be known as Wambdi Zizi (The Golden Eagle) in the future.



Singer songwriter, Curandera and One of the founders of Serpent Mound Spring Seed and Water Peace Summit.
As a singer/songwriter she was nominated for a Native American Music Award and came in runner-up in the John Lennon song writing contest.
She grew up in Idaho along the Snake River. She now lives with her husband Tom (Johnson) own Alternate Universe Rock Shop. (House of Phacops) just three miles from the Serpent Mound State Park on the southeastern edge of a five-mile wide impact crater. The shop is also sitting on top of a 17.5 km long fault line that is miles deep and is emitting a constant flow of positive energy. Terri has presented at workshops throughout the U.S. and Mexico and has worked with healers from around the world to hold spiritual retreats in various global locations. The music of Terri Sings With Ravens Rivera can be found at:

Terri A Rivera ancestral heritage is Apache, Pima, Aztec, Chilean, and Irish.
She comes from a long line of healers